Squats for aligning hips

Squats for aligning hips

  • Mar 16, 2020

Squats for aligning hips

Nubia has a great technique for aligning hips, tight hips or hips that are uneven in their strength.


If you have knee issues, do not attempt this exercise.
Please take care to ensure correct alignment of your knees. Take to this exercise gradually starting with 20 and working your way up to 100.

Any pain discomfort felt in your knees, stop immediately.

Knee Injury


This is a core and butt (glutes) exercise with the added benefit of correcting hip alignment. Always warm up prior to attempting this asana.

Your knees and feet are angled outwards. This exercise requires the correct biometric placement of your feet to avoid injury.

In a yoga class Nubia can observe people, often the comment is made to widen the knees and go lower, however this is directed at certain students, where others are advised not to attempt it at all.

The benefits of squats

This exercise is wonderful for people sitting in desks and needing to re-align their pelvis.
Start at a level that suits your fitness, with a view to working up to 100 repetitions a day.
You should never feel sharp pain, you may feel fatigue, so do not push it past a certain point.
When we favour a certain side of our body, we often allow stagnation in parts. This exercise addresses a stagnant pelvis and helps to re-align your hips.

Are your hips aligned?

The image below shows well aligned hips. Notice the even balanced posture downward facing dog.

Downward Facing Dog Hips Alignment

Knee Alignment


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