Yoga Arm Balance Workshop

Yoga Arm Balance Workshop

  • Mar 18, 2019

Yoga Arm Balance Workshop

The workshop held on Saturday 16th March was designed for both the beginners and experienced yogis.

The workshop mostly focused on arm balances-:

  • Crow
  • Side Crow
  • Flying Crow
  • Split Crow
  • Grasshopper
  • Flying Grasshoper
  • Flying Pigeon
  • Flying Lizard and some variations

Practising the poses with props (bolsters, blocks and wall) and under the expert guidance of Weiwei and Nubia allows students of various levels to have fun safely.

Step by step instructions of each posture and a warm up allowed eveyone to learn at their own pace. Weiwei (pictured above) is an inspirational teacher.

With the advanced postures I expected to feel sore the next day. However I found due to the warm up and props used I actually felt better, refreshed and looser.


Yoga Arm Balances

Yoga is fun - arm balances and various advanced postures are things you may attempt when you are young and flexible. However with the right props and a correct warm up you can do almost anything.

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