Yoga Flow

Yoga Flow

  • Feb 3, 2020

Yoga Flow

This class is suitable for all levels, the aim is to build fluidity into the yoga practice, it is an energising practice to start the day. The regular practice brings the benefits of strength and flexibility, toning up the body developing awareness to the flowing movements from asana(posture) to asana(posture). Yoga Flow can be Fun, challenging sometimes but always a fluid practice. Flow yoga is base on vinyasa flow, a practice combining breath control and movements to stimulate the movement of prana/qi in the body, improving your vitality in general.

Saturday Morning Class

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At the end of the class we had a chance to try any posture (inversion) of our choice.

Video - Lokah Samastah Sukinho Bhavantu

Lokah Samastah Sukinho Bhavantu
Lokah Samastah Sukinho Bhavantu (May All Beings Everywhere Be Happy and Free)

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