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Yoga Gold Coast

Our Gold Coast Yoga studio is a welcoming atmosphere, with beautiful timber floors to enhance the natural balance you will achieve in our classes. We have a variety of classes and teachers to suit what ever level you are at and what time suits.

Beginner Yoga

Great for those looking for an introduction to yoga. Even students of yoga over a number of years will step back to the basics if they feel they are not progressing.

Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga for happy, healthy mums and bubs.

Mum & Bubs Yoga

Enjoy fitness & fun with your baby.

Yin Yoga

1. The yin practice can help the body restore range of motion.
2. Yin yoga revitalizes the tissues of the body.
3. Yin offers a unique opportunity to cultivate gratitude for the body.
4. The yin practice forces us to slow down.
5. Yin yoga teaches self-compassion.
6. The long hold times of a yin practice offer the chance to sit with our emotions.
7. Yin yoga can help us become more resilient to stress.
8. Yin yoga can help us tap into the parasympathetic nervous system.
9. The stillness of a yin practice primes us for meditation.
10. Yin yoga cultivates balance.

Yoga Flow

An energising class style that focusses on combining movement and breath.

Yoga Lotus Position
$25/ 1 first week

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Nubia's years of passion and dedication for knowledge and understanding of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics of movement combined with the spiritual yoga path provide a unique healing environment.

A welcoming wellbeing centre - join us.

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